Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I've had a difficult time writing an ending summary of this trip, and here it is three days later and the words aren't exactly flowing. The return journey was long but uneventful and I found myself back in the office on Monday morning without much of a transition. That might have been a mistake, because right now my mind is spinning in many different directions.

On the day of departure, Luke and arrived early in the morning at the Gulfport airport. The airport was going through renovations before Hurrican Katrina arrived, and with the additional damage it looked more like a facility one would find in third world country. As we walked into the terminal we both commented in not so many words that it was indeed time to go.

So our story ends with this last post. I've grown to appreciate how the business people I dealt with in Mississippi were solving their problems with surpising optimism. They are friendly, caring people that usually carry a smile on their faces and have a good joke to tell. It took two weeks, but now I realize that under extreme circumstances that humor was probably their best means of defense.

We had a lot of assistance on this trip especially from the Mississippi SBDC and the Michigan SBTDC. I'm glad that Luke was around to be the voice of reason in some borderline crazy situations.

Thanks for the 300 plus visitors to this site in a short two week period, and for those who quickly spread the word of its existance. And last but not least, Deb Donovan and Bill Palladino offered tremendous moral support, and covered brillantly for me in my absence from the Traverse City office, Thank You!


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