Thursday, October 06, 2005

"We're with the Government mam; We're here to help."

Due to the confidentiality agreements with the people we work with, I’m unable to detail stories of the folks we see here everyday. One though can’t help but notice their kindness, patience, and politeness, especially with the bizarre and severe life situations they have witnessed.

Luke and I make a good team. I like to hear the human side of a client story when working through the paperwork, while Luke is able to gently bring people back to the task at hand. Too bad he’s a comptroller, because I think he’d make a good business consultant.

After work we went on another run, this time through an adjacent residential neighborhood. We spent a lot of time dodging garbage and refuse still waiting by the side of the road for pickup. The smells alone made us curtail the run.

These houses, a good 3-5 miles inland have serious rebuilding to do. Both Luke and I talked about how much destruction had taken place in this tiny three-block area.

Multiplying it out by hundreds of miles in three directions started to boggle our minds, especially when you think of the labor and materials needed, and time it will take before the region regains normalcy.


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Chris, did you turn on word verification for comments? Looks like the Comment Spammers are all over you from the get-go. (I'm not talking about you, Kris.)

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You rock!


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